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Recent Job Service Requests

Air Conditioning Repair 54474
I need a 250 volt outlet installed for my through the wall air conditioner and it is in place now
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Install Shower With Glass Doors
Remove the present bathtub and install the shower with glass doors, we already have the tiles for the floor by
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Replace Shower Pan 31088
Replace shower pan and possibly reptile shower. Shower is already demo’d down to the frame. Shower is approx 30” wide
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Replace Chain Link Fence 14150
Pound post down 3 inches need a couple of fence ties by Mr. Lewandowski zip code 14150
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Put New Flooring In Kitchen 98290
Put new flooring in kitchen, would like someone to come to my house for an estimate please by Mrs. Horn
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Replace Stairs Using Wolmanized Boards 48813
stairway on second story deck to ground level replaced using wolmanized boards by Mr. Luna zip code 48813
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Install Exterior Door With Frame 19952
install exterior door the door is in a frame by Mrs. harris zip code 19952
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Gutter Repair Services 11720
The wood under part of my gutter is rotten and needs to be replaced by Mr. Singh zip code 11720
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Upgrade External Panel 21904
I’m searching for an electrician to upgrade my external panel by Mr. LaRue zip code 21904
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Exterior Painters Near 55373
I need exterior painters to paint outside the house and inside ceilings by Mr. Waddell zip code 55373
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Plumbers 99950
Local Plumbers At Your Service Plumbers are easy to find with Handyperson.com, Small plumbing repair jobs or large plumbing jobs
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Plumbers 99929
Local Plumbers At Your Service Plumbers are easy to find with Handyperson.com, Small plumbing repair jobs or large plumbing jobs
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Handyman Services Near Me

Hire a local handyman who should be able install or repair just about anything in your home, If you need more then a handyman we have local remodelers and contractors who can handle major repair or remodeling jobs as well.

How Can Handyperson.com Help You?

At Handyperson, you can get help for big jobs, small jobs and in-between jobs. Check out some of the ways we can help you around the house. Remember, getting a quote for every job on Handyperson.com is 100% free.

Air Conditioning

Warm weather will be here before you know it! Keep your cool with expert repair of your air conditioning unit. If you end up needing a new one, don’t sweat it. Our experienced technicians can replace it with a new unit that will keep your house feeling fresh.


Do you need shelves, cabinets or countertops? Our skilled carpenters have the equipment and the knowledge to do everything from hand-crafting a table to installing, replacing or repairing your kitchen cabinets. Call on us for anything that needs to be sawed, hammered or framed.

Cleaning Services

You have better things to do than spend your day scrubbing and dusting. Our cleaning professionals will get your kitchen, bathrooms, floors and windows sparkling. 

Do you need help with a move-out cleaning? Are you trying to get a fresh start for the new season? Are you just overwhelmed by trying to fit cleaning into your crazy schedule? Relax and take a break. Our bonded, professional cleaners will get your whole house gleaming.

Concrete Work

Making repairs to concrete is a big job that nobody should try to tackle on their own. Your mistakes can turn little problems into big ones.

Avoid all that with the help of our concrete contractors. They’ll fix cracked concrete, refinish concrete driveways, install new concrete pavers and fill in gaps and broken areas. 


Do you need a fan installed? Have you had problems with arcing or firing in your electrical system? Our licensed, expert electricians can keep you wired and powered.

Electrical repairs done by people who aren’t professionals are a chief cause of shocks, fires and other accidents. You also might be violating local electrical codes. Don’t expose yourself or your family to these risks. A licensed electrician is the best assurance that your electrical work is done safely, efficiently and to code.


Don’t let a sagging or broken fence ruin your view. With our help, you can get that wooden, vinyl, chain-link, steel or aluminum fence fixed. Our experts will replace fence posts, put in new caps and make your fence look great. If you need a new one installed, they can do that too.

Flooring Repair and Replacement

Flooring problems can mask a lot of other structural problems. That’s why it’s important to get them repaired. Our expert floor installers can take a look at what’s going on underfoot and make your floors smooth, straight and strong.

Are you planning to replace your floors? Our expert floor installers can put in your new hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, luxury vinyl plank, bamboo, terracotta or any other flooring. 

Garage Door

If your garage door shakes, rattles or rolls, get it stable again with our help. We can make it run smoothly without catching. We can also help if you need a new garage door opener, new garage doors or anything else that will make your garage work better.

General Handyman Work

If you need someone to complete your honey-do list, our handyman services providers can check off every item. If you have a lot of small jobs, most big contractors won’t want to help you, but our handyman like nothing more than taking on small jobs and making your life easier.

Get that squeaking door fixed, install that ceiling fan, hang a door, hang up pictures and just generally get everything ship-shape. You can knock all those annoying little tasks and enjoy a home that works for you.

Handyman Services

Heating and Furnace

Keep your heating system, furnace or hot water heater purring along. Getting them checked out now will keep your house warm in the winter and prevent expensive breakdowns. 

HVAC Contractors

When you need an overhaul of your HVAC system, you need licensed, experienced contractors to handle it. Our HVAC experts can replace your entire system or just help you out with worn-out, damaged parts. Our experts work with electrical, gas-powered and any other HVAC systems.


Get your yard and garden blooming with new plants, sod, trees and shrubs. Our green-thumbed landscapers can trim branches, clear planting areas, weed beds, clear brush, plant seedlings and full plants, set up flowering baskets and more. They can weed and seed your lawn to make it full and lush. Make your whole outdoor area bloom with color and life with our handyperson’s help.


Sure, you could paint it yourself, but why would you want to? Painting is dreary, messy and tedious work. That’s bad enough but what’s worse is that you may not like the final results. You may see drips, spots and streaks where you’ve tried to do your own painting. Then there’s all that mess to clean up.

Instead of going through all that, leave the job to our professional painters. You don’t have to worry about messes, splotches, backbreaking work or a messy job. All you have to do is buy the paint, sit back and watch them transform your home.

Pest Control

There’s nothing worse than an unwanted invasion of pests in your home. These ugly, disease-carrying critters can enter any home, no matter how clean it is or how much bug spray you’re using. Many of these pests are becoming impervious to home sprays. Others reproduce so quickly that you’ll think you’re spending half your life combating them.

Our pest control professionals will rid your house of fleas, ticks, mice, rats, cockroaches, flies, termites, mosquitoes and any other nasty, unwanted visitors. Stop wasting your time and money on nonprofessional products that don’t fix the problem. Get our pest control people in and get those pests gone.


Plumping problems can be a nightmare. If you’re trying to cope with a leaking toilet, a dripping faucet, or clanging pipes, it’s time to get a licensed plumber to take a look. Our plumbers will get everything flowing in the right direction.


When you’re planning to remodel one room or your whole house, you’re going to need expert help. We can take care of everything from initial planning to choosing materials to construction oversight. Give us your ideas, and we’ll make them a reality.


A leaking roof can make your life miserable. It can also be a sign of dangerous weaknesses in your roof slates, gutters or facing. Replacing damaged sections of your roof will get it tight and leak-free.

Roofing accidents are a chief cause of construction injuries, so don’t put yourself at risk by climbing up there. Let our roofing experts tackle this one.


Do you need tiles in your bathroom grouted or replaced? Do you want a new kitchen backsplash? Our tile experts can do the job safely and quickly. Our tile installers have the skill and knowledge to get that tile perfectly cut, grouted and laid. You won’t have to worry about cutting, grouting or cleaning up the mess.

Home Repair

Home repair tasks are easy to execute with Handyperson.com, From small Handyman home repair tasks to large remodeling projects Handyperson will connect you to the best contractors near you.